It’s the end of our series on timelapsed traffic data, and this week we are sharing our last three cities: Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Represented in each video is the start and end point of each Drivemode journey taken in the respective city from January 2017 through May 2018, connected by an arc. The brightness of the arc shows how long it takes to drive one mile; the brighter the arc, the slower the traffic moved for that trip.

In a time-lapse style, each video shows one normalized hour-by-hour progression from midnight to midnight, mapping hundreds of thousands of miles driven during each of those hour windows. Drivers coming in and out of city limits are included in the mapping, as long as 70% of their trip was within the metro area.

As the hours progress, the busiest aggregated morning and evening times are revealed by the increasing density of arcs; there we can pinpoint the 20-minute time periods in which each metro experienced peak traffic.






Posted by:Drivemode Team

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